Tired of Dealing With a Faulty Breaker?

Look into an electrical panel upgrade in Riverside, CA

Constantly resetting your breaker box can be a real hassle. If you're sick of dealing with an underperforming electrical system, then it may be time for an electrical panel upgrade.

Gus's Electrical Services handles panel upgrades for residential and commercial clients in Riverside, CA and surrounding areas. After shutting off your power, we'll demolish the area for the new panel, install it and connect your wires. Discuss the details of your electrical panel replacement or relocation with our team today.

Don't ignore the signs that you need an electrical panel replacement

Not sure if your electrical panels are working properly? You should consider an electrical panel upgrade if your...

  • Indoor lights frequently dim or flicker
  • Wiring is old and has been faulty in the past
  • Your outlets are hot to the touch
Faulty panels aren't just frustrating, they can also be extremely dangerous if not properly dealt with. Avoid the possibility of costly damage by scheduling an electrical panel replacement today.

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